New Salhaven

Calen Dar - Living the Past
A day in the life...

Jon decides to fly back to Eastport to update everyone on what has been discovered with the Tyranids. The rest of the group continues exploring the city, heading towards the largest tower in the city to find out what’s in there.

When they enter, they find that over time, and due to the tilt, the lower level of the tower has filled with water. A water elemental has taken residence, and becomes a major barrier to progress. Eventually the party decides to drain the lower level, and busts through the wall on the downward side, causing the elemental and all of the water to drain out of the tower.

With the way clear, the group heads up into the tower and finds a great library. After rummaging through the books and finding more items, they began to wonder about the orbs, how they were created, how they can be used….

That night, they all awaken to a sense of deja vu. Each of them is now a different person, back in the past, having felt like they’ve lived this day hundreds of times before. They are spies for Tyr, the neighboring country, hired muscle, or a betrayer of Calen.

The soul orb creator, as the players learned, functions based on ripping out a person’s soul energy and placing that energy into a crystal sphere. Their objective is to steal it for Tyr, who wants the technology. After careful planning, the group coordinates the heist and gets away in a final teleportation.

Arriving back in the present, the party finds themselves starving, dehydrated, and freezing cold. Time seems to have passed since they slept, and they are miles away from Calen Dar. Orum remembers clearly how to teleport, but before they leave, they go to the meeting place where the soul orb creator was to be held for a brief time before being taken to Tyr.

In the basement of a foundation for a house, they find the item, opposite a floor full of Tyranid Ripper eggs. Orum blasts the eggs with a fireball, but one of the rippers survives long enough to let out an agonizing scream.

In the minds of all of those who can cast, a scratching, gnawing presence is felt, and they hear a bestial scream echo through their thoughts.

After a brief discussion, Orum teleports everyone (including Seth) back to Eastport.

Calen Dar - City of Magic
Climbing through the city

Marek heads back to Eastport to report the findings about abberations that killed off the elves a few years ago. Jon flies in after spotting the same odd growth of trees and learns of what happened in the fort.

Jon promises to bring La’hra Deshalan back to his growing grove near Eastport, and the party heads towards Calen Dar.

At the edge of the ring of magical effects that have scorched the land, the party starts feeling some being touching their thoughts. Orum refuses to let the thoughts in, believing them to be something evil. The rest of the party listens, and starts hearing tales of woe from a being who identifies himself as Racade.

Crossing the ring of magical effects wasn’t incredibly hard, but it took some time and care. Everyone made it across without injury, and made it onto the tilted city without incident.

Exploring the city, the party finds what appears to be a locked armory, where they overcame two moving statues. They looted some items and continued looking around the city more.

It was then that Racade revealed more of the past. He confirmed things they already knew. The land of Calen was watched over by three keeps, Calen Primus, Calen Dal, and Calen Dar, named after the three brothers Calen, Primus, Dalwin, and Darvale.

He explained about the bordering country, Tyr, and how the difference in political structure caused conflict and cold war between the two countries.

He also told them of the great invasion of the monsters that became known as the Tyranids, abberations that consume living flesh and reproduce rapidly. Their invading force was made of thousands of gaunt, sinewed beings with arms that end in scythes known as Hormagants, huge versions of the same sort of creature known as a Carnifex, and huge-brained magical abberations with atrophied limbs known as Zoanthropes.

Racade indicated that he wants nothing more than vengeance upon the Tyranids, and to see them wiped out.

Learning more about the past
And we're out of the castle

A month goes by, with the castle being cleared by the townsfolk and adventuring party. Sir Lind thinks that the place would be good shelter in the winter in addition to Eastport.

Jon gets an announcement from Christine, he’s going to be a father. He begins spending a lot more time on his grove and with Christine as well.

Kilvin and Mizdar start working on the books that were found, and end up translating a children’s book filled with faerie tales that are very similar, but slightly off of the ones they grew up with. Armed with this, they begin translating the other books.

Another month goes by. It is now August.

They end up finding out that in the old kingdom of Calen, which this area was once known, there were three fortresses. Calen Dar, the present “Wasp’s Watch” and former center of industry, Calen Primus, the center of government and trade, and Calen Dal, the city of magic.

Kilvin asked Jon to make a scouting mission out East in the direction of Calen Dar. He found it, and described that it appeared as though someone had taken a walled city of towers, scooped it out of the ground, and set it back down sideways. He noted that it appeared that there was a large black ring around the sideways city with firestorms, clouds, and lights randomly moving around.

Some discussion was made as to whether the group should go north to Calen Prime, or East to Calen Dar. Calen Dar was chosen, and after some reluctance, Seth Carlan was recruited.

One day out, the party ran into that “giant snake” that they had earlier saw tracks of, which was a 15 foot long Grick. After dispatching it, and having their hopes of Grick leather quashed by the fact that the blood, guts, and skin of the grick smell rancid enough to cause vomiting, they treed the remains and continued on.

Marek noted a copse of trees growing in an unnatural manner, and upon further investigation the group found a very recent natural fortress created by elves who were exploring the new land.

Guarding the fortress is an awakened assasin vine named La’hra Deshalan (The Silent Creeper.) Kilvin was able to speak in elven to it, and after learning that the elves were all killed about 5 years ago, the group found the personal journal of Beluriand.

The journal details the coming of the elves about 5 years ago, their exploration to Calen Primus, what they found, and what found them. The gricks that inhabit Calen Primus were not what killed off the elves… some other abberations did…

Continuing the Assault
More fire, more lightning...

Marek came back, having defeated the wasps that were headed for Eastport. He took some injury in the process, but Jon easily healed it.

The Western half of the castle was left, and while Kilvin was still in the tower pouring over the books, the group started in on the broken down cathedral.

Marek and Jon attempted to sneak in, but Marek lost his footing climbing up, and the wasps started emerging from the cathedral. Fighting off the wasps, Shimmel decided to try out the crystal orb he had contained in a knot in his rope. He missed the wasp he was aiming for and the orb went sailing over the cathedral. A blinding flash came from the other side with no noise.

That got Kilvin’s attention, and he noticed that the group needed help. From his tower, he started singing an inspiring song, greatly assisting the group in battle. Jon summoned a lightning storm and started barraging the cathedral with lightning. He managed to make the rest of the roof cave in in the process, crushing the queen inside.

The threat removed, the party headed back to Eastport with some of the collected gear/metal. They met with the townsfolk, and it was decided that a group of townsfolk would go back with the party to gather the rest of the supplies from the castle.

Looting the Castle

As the group headed back to the castle, one large wasp flanked by 3 others was seen following the trail headed back towards Eastport. Marek took off after it, and the rest of the adventurers decided that he could take care of that threat himself.

Jon took the lead, scouting ahead as a wolf, and he soon encountered flightless wasps with huge jaws caring for the unhatched wasps in their paper combs. With ease, he dispatched them just as Kilvin, Orum, and Looker arrived to assist.

With extreme caution, Orum and Kilvin managed to find some books that were almost rotted away. Orum mended them, but found them unreadable due to half the print missing. Throughout the castle they managed to find a LOT more books, and with time perhaps the language of those who lived in this castle before will be deciphered…

The group found quite a bit of metal in the form of four iron cauldrons that were used to pour oil into the murder hole above the main entrance. They also found a broom that was completely unweathered and clean.

The best find, however, appears to have been sealed rooms that contained weapons and armor in perfect condition. Everyone outfitted themselves in the equipment of a long-dead kingdom.

They did also find a sealed room with food in it, and discovered the hard way that the rooms were completely sealed as the party nearly suffocated overnight.

The mage’s tower also proved to be a good find, with a trove of books in similar condition as the rest, and some other magical items.

There is still more of the castle to go… what will the adventurers find?

Assault on the castle
A.K.A. Kill it with fire and lightning

After some discussion, the group decided to send out Jon and Marek to scout out a way into the castle that wasn’t through the front gates. Both found outer guard towers, but they had been ruined for long enough that any chances of a waterway in were gone.

Jon summoned a storm and besieged the castle with lightning for 2 hours before landing and taking a breather. The group got closer, and Orum lobbed a fireball through one of the open windows. That got the swarm’s attention, and the fight was on.

Jon created a wind wall that kept most of the swarm out of melee range, and Marek started taking out wasps with terrifying efficiency, 1 arrow, 1 kill. Kilvin kept up a song of inspiration, fueling the group’s magical and mundane fighting ability. Looker gave himself a shield against the windwall and dodged in and out of it to strike at the wasps. Orum received the worst of it, and Jon’s quick healing prevented him from going down.

In a moment of pause, the group retreated to a distance away from the castle to regroup.

That’s when they heard the noise of a larger wasp approaching. Marek created an illusion to hide the group, but someone made just a bit too much noise, and a wasp entered the illusion to investigate. The large wasp dispelled the illusion and attempted to mark the entire group, but only succeeded in marking a few.

Marek took aim at the large wasp and managed to kill it with two arrows while the rest of the group fought off the smaller ones.

The castle still buzzes, but perhaps the worst of it is done?

Coming to New Salhaven
First session in New Salhaven

After paying for their boat fare in the form of everything they own, our adventurers started their journey. Jon found that he really doesn’t enjoy the sea, and spent quite a bit of time in the air circling the three ships.

A couple of weeks into the journey, the people on the Spirit of Patun began getting sick. Jon and Orum discovered that the water on the ship was poisoned with a slow-acting poison. They proceeded to cure the inhabitants and Jon replaced the water. Orum went to each of the ships and checked their water. It turned out to be clean.

During Jon’s stay on the Spirit of Patun, he met a nice woman by the name of Cathleen and showed him his wild side.

Nearly at the end of the journey, a sudden storm rolled in, and while the Saladena and Spirit of Patun’s sails properly folded for the storm, the Camina’s did not. Shimmel “Looker” Louter raced up the mast to get the sail rolled up, while Marek and Pike worked to free a crew member that was being strangled by the ropes whipping free in the wind.

Once on land, the adventurers assisted in unloading their ship (Jon transforming into a bear and dragging supplies,) and spoke with Sir Firamol Lind about exploring the castle to the West of Eastport.

After acquiring loaned weapons and armor, and without a rest, our bold adventurers headed into the forest.

Still puzzled as to why they were unable to locate large game, Jon summoned the largest animal available, a badger, to find out if it knew more. It did not, but pointed to the castle as having something large in it.

The party found tracks of a massive snake, which Jon discovered smelled horrid, but the track was about a week old, so there was no immediate cause for concern.

After spending a night out in the forest, the party continued through the trackless land until the castle loomed closer. Jon’s hawk-eyed vision showed that there are massive wasps inside the castle, and the party prepared itself for what looked to be a fight to reclaim this castle.


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