New Salhaven

Assault on the castle

A.K.A. Kill it with fire and lightning

After some discussion, the group decided to send out Jon and Marek to scout out a way into the castle that wasn’t through the front gates. Both found outer guard towers, but they had been ruined for long enough that any chances of a waterway in were gone.

Jon summoned a storm and besieged the castle with lightning for 2 hours before landing and taking a breather. The group got closer, and Orum lobbed a fireball through one of the open windows. That got the swarm’s attention, and the fight was on.

Jon created a wind wall that kept most of the swarm out of melee range, and Marek started taking out wasps with terrifying efficiency, 1 arrow, 1 kill. Kilvin kept up a song of inspiration, fueling the group’s magical and mundane fighting ability. Looker gave himself a shield against the windwall and dodged in and out of it to strike at the wasps. Orum received the worst of it, and Jon’s quick healing prevented him from going down.

In a moment of pause, the group retreated to a distance away from the castle to regroup.

That’s when they heard the noise of a larger wasp approaching. Marek created an illusion to hide the group, but someone made just a bit too much noise, and a wasp entered the illusion to investigate. The large wasp dispelled the illusion and attempted to mark the entire group, but only succeeded in marking a few.

Marek took aim at the large wasp and managed to kill it with two arrows while the rest of the group fought off the smaller ones.

The castle still buzzes, but perhaps the worst of it is done?



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