New Salhaven

Calen Dar - City of Magic

Climbing through the city

Marek heads back to Eastport to report the findings about abberations that killed off the elves a few years ago. Jon flies in after spotting the same odd growth of trees and learns of what happened in the fort.

Jon promises to bring La’hra Deshalan back to his growing grove near Eastport, and the party heads towards Calen Dar.

At the edge of the ring of magical effects that have scorched the land, the party starts feeling some being touching their thoughts. Orum refuses to let the thoughts in, believing them to be something evil. The rest of the party listens, and starts hearing tales of woe from a being who identifies himself as Racade.

Crossing the ring of magical effects wasn’t incredibly hard, but it took some time and care. Everyone made it across without injury, and made it onto the tilted city without incident.

Exploring the city, the party finds what appears to be a locked armory, where they overcame two moving statues. They looted some items and continued looking around the city more.

It was then that Racade revealed more of the past. He confirmed things they already knew. The land of Calen was watched over by three keeps, Calen Primus, Calen Dal, and Calen Dar, named after the three brothers Calen, Primus, Dalwin, and Darvale.

He explained about the bordering country, Tyr, and how the difference in political structure caused conflict and cold war between the two countries.

He also told them of the great invasion of the monsters that became known as the Tyranids, abberations that consume living flesh and reproduce rapidly. Their invading force was made of thousands of gaunt, sinewed beings with arms that end in scythes known as Hormagants, huge versions of the same sort of creature known as a Carnifex, and huge-brained magical abberations with atrophied limbs known as Zoanthropes.

Racade indicated that he wants nothing more than vengeance upon the Tyranids, and to see them wiped out.



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