New Salhaven

Coming to New Salhaven

First session in New Salhaven

After paying for their boat fare in the form of everything they own, our adventurers started their journey. Jon found that he really doesn’t enjoy the sea, and spent quite a bit of time in the air circling the three ships.

A couple of weeks into the journey, the people on the Spirit of Patun began getting sick. Jon and Orum discovered that the water on the ship was poisoned with a slow-acting poison. They proceeded to cure the inhabitants and Jon replaced the water. Orum went to each of the ships and checked their water. It turned out to be clean.

During Jon’s stay on the Spirit of Patun, he met a nice woman by the name of Cathleen and showed him his wild side.

Nearly at the end of the journey, a sudden storm rolled in, and while the Saladena and Spirit of Patun’s sails properly folded for the storm, the Camina’s did not. Shimmel “Looker” Louter raced up the mast to get the sail rolled up, while Marek and Pike worked to free a crew member that was being strangled by the ropes whipping free in the wind.

Once on land, the adventurers assisted in unloading their ship (Jon transforming into a bear and dragging supplies,) and spoke with Sir Firamol Lind about exploring the castle to the West of Eastport.

After acquiring loaned weapons and armor, and without a rest, our bold adventurers headed into the forest.

Still puzzled as to why they were unable to locate large game, Jon summoned the largest animal available, a badger, to find out if it knew more. It did not, but pointed to the castle as having something large in it.

The party found tracks of a massive snake, which Jon discovered smelled horrid, but the track was about a week old, so there was no immediate cause for concern.

After spending a night out in the forest, the party continued through the trackless land until the castle loomed closer. Jon’s hawk-eyed vision showed that there are massive wasps inside the castle, and the party prepared itself for what looked to be a fight to reclaim this castle.



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