New Salhaven

Continuing the Assault

More fire, more lightning...

Marek came back, having defeated the wasps that were headed for Eastport. He took some injury in the process, but Jon easily healed it.

The Western half of the castle was left, and while Kilvin was still in the tower pouring over the books, the group started in on the broken down cathedral.

Marek and Jon attempted to sneak in, but Marek lost his footing climbing up, and the wasps started emerging from the cathedral. Fighting off the wasps, Shimmel decided to try out the crystal orb he had contained in a knot in his rope. He missed the wasp he was aiming for and the orb went sailing over the cathedral. A blinding flash came from the other side with no noise.

That got Kilvin’s attention, and he noticed that the group needed help. From his tower, he started singing an inspiring song, greatly assisting the group in battle. Jon summoned a lightning storm and started barraging the cathedral with lightning. He managed to make the rest of the roof cave in in the process, crushing the queen inside.

The threat removed, the party headed back to Eastport with some of the collected gear/metal. They met with the townsfolk, and it was decided that a group of townsfolk would go back with the party to gather the rest of the supplies from the castle.



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