Jon Galt

20 Year old scruffy guy who always seems distracted but can be surprisingly savage



High Concept: Druid of the Tall Oaks
Trouble: Shapeshifter Identity Crisis
Aspect: Knows his way around a forest
Aspect: There is a season for life and death.
Aspect: The Green Protects Me

Constitution +3 Strength +1 Dexterity +1
Intelligence +0 Wisdom +3 Charisma +2

Wild Shape:

Falcon: Your Strength becomes Mediocre +0, but your Dexterity becomes Superb +5. You have Wings that allow you to fly and Claws that you can snatch and rake with. You also have Keen Eyesight and are Small.
Wolf: Your Strength and Dexterity are both Good +3. You have Fangs with which to rend and tear, and you can fight using Pack Tactics. You have Keen Senses, which you can use to track with Wisdom.
Bear: Your Strength is Superb +5 and your Constitution is Great +4. You get two extra physical stress boxes and an extra minor physical consequence; these go away (and might roll up) when you shed this form. You have Claws and Fangs, but you are also Large and Clumsy.
Mouse: Your Strength is Terrible -2 but your Dexterity becomes Superb +5. You are Tiny enough to escape notice and fit through very small openings, and Fast enough to get away from trouble quickly.

Druid spells:
Cure Light Wounds (Healing, Cost): You can close minor cuts and bruises with a touch and promote faster healing. You may touch someone and allow them to clear all of their physical stress.
Nature’s Aspect (Nature, Cost, Per Scene, Persistent): Whether you’re granting someone a bull’s strength or a fox’s cunning, you can channel the essence of a creature into a person. Once per scene, you can touch a person and grant them nature’s aspect. Talk about what creature they’re getting the essence of and give them a new aspect based on that (such as Bull’s Strength or Owl’s Wisdom). The recipient can invoke that aspect once for free. In addition, choose an appropriate skill that reflects that creature’s essence. If the recipient’s skill is not already higher, it becomes Good (+3). These effects last for the duration of the scene.

Accomplished Spellcaster:
Cure Moderate Wounds (Healing, Cost, Requires Cure Light Wounds): You can treat more lasting injuries with your healing magic. Touch someone and choose a physical consequence; rename that consequence to indicate that it’s healing and reduce its severity by one level (severe becomes moderate, moderate becomes minor, minor vanishes). A broken leg might become a bad limp, or a wounded arm might become aching muscles. The consequence remains, but it now heals normally from its new slot. In addition, clear all of the recipient’s physical stress. You can’t use this spell on an extreme consequence, and the recipient can’t have two consequences of the same type after you cast this spell (unless they’d otherwise be able to).
Cure Serious Wounds (Healing, Cost, Per Scene, Requires Cure Moderate Wounds): You can make terrible wounds nearly vanish. Touch someone and choose a physical consequence; erase that consequence. In addition, clear all of the recipient’s physical stress. You can’t use this spell on an extreme consequence.
Summon Nature’s Ally (Nature, Summoning, Cost, Per Scene, Persistent): When you call to the wild, it answers. Once per scene, you can summon a natural creature from the surrounding area to aid you and even fight alongside you.

Natural Magic:
Can cast spells while in Wild Shape.

Accomplished Spellcaster

*Call Lightning
*Wind Wall
*Control Weather


Jon Galt

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