Kilvin Pike

The singing Skald



High Concept: The singing Skald
Trouble: Can’t watch my tongue.
Aspect: Carnival Performer
Aspect: Leave no mystery unsolved
Aspect: Oh really? Watch this!

Constitution +1 Strength +1 Dexterity +3
Intelligence +3 Wisdom +0 Charisma +4

My words inspire
: You can use the create advantage action using Charisma to inspire allies who hear your words. (Must pass a check of 2.) If sucessful, create and advantage for an ally such as “Inspired” with 1 free tag. If you succeed with style, you may do the same for a second ally.
Sway the crowd: When succeeding with style on My words inspire, add an additional two free tags. (4 free tags in total.)
Trickster Spells:
Charm (Enchantment, Trickster, Persistent): Choose a target in your zone. Make an Overcome action, your Charisma vs. target’s Intelligence. If successful, this allows you to place one of the following aspects on another character: Easily Influenced, Drowsy, Distracted. You can invoke this once for free, twice if your Overcome action succeeds with style. The same character may not be targeted by this spell more than once in a scene.

Provoke Emotion (Enchantment, Trickster, Persistent, Requires Charm): Select a target in your zone. Make an Overcome action, your Charisma vs. the target’s Intelligence. If successful, choose an aspect from this list to the target: Crushing Despair, Crippling Terror, Burning Rage, or devise your own based on a powerful emotion. The aspect may be invoked once for free, twice if you succeed with style.

Minor Illusion (Illusion, Trickster, Persistent): You make an overcome roll: caster’s Charisma +2 vs. observer’s Wisdom. If you succeed, you create a phantom image or sound that one creature in your zone can sense. Choose one of the following aspects: Distracted, Surprised, Confused. You can invoke this once for free, or twice if your overcome action succeeds with style.

Physical Stress: 3 Mental Stress: 2

Light Armor, Rapier, Dagger


Kilvin Pike’s the name and adventure is the game, but you can call me pike. All my friends do and we’re friends now aren’t we so why not order a round for friends and adventurers such as we and I’ll tell you a story.

My upbringing was the usual grew up in the carnival son of strong man and a dancing girl. Blessed with my mothers strength and my fathers dexterity. Orphaned young when a village decided what the carnival needed was some good old fashioned bull baiting and didn’t secure the gate. So my child hood was spent with my caravan family. Growing up a trouper I learned tumbling, fire eating, juggling you name it I’ve tried it. I found I had a bit of a knack for the lute and according to bar maids from Hilgenberg to Eastport was blessed with a quick wit and a skilled tongue… or was it the other way around…

Anyway, I’ve sent my life wandering every byway and highway and more than a few back allies. I realized north or south, east or west there were no new stories to be told in Salhaven. It had all been done and by men long dead. I wanted to find a new story of bold doings and strange lands. there was a new wolds and no doubt this strange place was just the place where adventure could be found. Hells there may even be need for a hero or two and I’m a rather dashing young rouge or at the very least I’m a young rough who’d practiced at dashing. So I decided in two season I would make passage for New Salhaven. Two days later I was saying goodbye to a merchant’s daughter and well the details are irreverent but I came the the conclusion that planning be damned I would take to sea on the next fast ship to New Salhaven.


Kilvin Pike

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