King Marc Billdocks V

Ruler of Salhaven, Greedy, Hedonistic, Sadistic


Ever since his youth, Marc was a hated child. He was the kind who knew what power his family name already had, and delighted in punishing servants for very minor offenses. He was never denied anything, and spoiled rotten for it. The high taxes paid for shipping merchandise through Eastport meant that there was always plenty of coin to use.

As he grew, he discovered many pleasures in life, women, men, girls, boys, alcohol, herbs, powders, potions, anything that could give him a high.

As he aged, however, his interest in partners did not age with him, and he has several “pretties,” boys and girls who when they reach a certain age are replaced by a younger version, just to keep things fresh.

Now in his 50th year, he is realizing that there must be a Marc VI. He has taken to training one of his former pretties, no doubt his son, to carry on the Billdocks line. Rumors say that this son doesn’t carry even half of Marc V’s vices, and perhaps this means there will be change?

King Marc Billdocks V

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