New Salhaven

Looting the Castle

As the group headed back to the castle, one large wasp flanked by 3 others was seen following the trail headed back towards Eastport. Marek took off after it, and the rest of the adventurers decided that he could take care of that threat himself.

Jon took the lead, scouting ahead as a wolf, and he soon encountered flightless wasps with huge jaws caring for the unhatched wasps in their paper combs. With ease, he dispatched them just as Kilvin, Orum, and Looker arrived to assist.

With extreme caution, Orum and Kilvin managed to find some books that were almost rotted away. Orum mended them, but found them unreadable due to half the print missing. Throughout the castle they managed to find a LOT more books, and with time perhaps the language of those who lived in this castle before will be deciphered…

The group found quite a bit of metal in the form of four iron cauldrons that were used to pour oil into the murder hole above the main entrance. They also found a broom that was completely unweathered and clean.

The best find, however, appears to have been sealed rooms that contained weapons and armor in perfect condition. Everyone outfitted themselves in the equipment of a long-dead kingdom.

They did also find a sealed room with food in it, and discovered the hard way that the rooms were completely sealed as the party nearly suffocated overnight.

The mage’s tower also proved to be a good find, with a trove of books in similar condition as the rest, and some other magical items.

There is still more of the castle to go… what will the adventurers find?



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