New Salhaven

Calen Dar - Living the Past

A day in the life...

Jon decides to fly back to Eastport to update everyone on what has been discovered with the Tyranids. The rest of the group continues exploring the city, heading towards the largest tower in the city to find out what’s in there.

When they enter, they find that over time, and due to the tilt, the lower level of the tower has filled with water. A water elemental has taken residence, and becomes a major barrier to progress. Eventually the party decides to drain the lower level, and busts through the wall on the downward side, causing the elemental and all of the water to drain out of the tower.

With the way clear, the group heads up into the tower and finds a great library. After rummaging through the books and finding more items, they began to wonder about the orbs, how they were created, how they can be used….

That night, they all awaken to a sense of deja vu. Each of them is now a different person, back in the past, having felt like they’ve lived this day hundreds of times before. They are spies for Tyr, the neighboring country, hired muscle, or a betrayer of Calen.

The soul orb creator, as the players learned, functions based on ripping out a person’s soul energy and placing that energy into a crystal sphere. Their objective is to steal it for Tyr, who wants the technology. After careful planning, the group coordinates the heist and gets away in a final teleportation.

Arriving back in the present, the party finds themselves starving, dehydrated, and freezing cold. Time seems to have passed since they slept, and they are miles away from Calen Dar. Orum remembers clearly how to teleport, but before they leave, they go to the meeting place where the soul orb creator was to be held for a brief time before being taken to Tyr.

In the basement of a foundation for a house, they find the item, opposite a floor full of Tyranid Ripper eggs. Orum blasts the eggs with a fireball, but one of the rippers survives long enough to let out an agonizing scream.

In the minds of all of those who can cast, a scratching, gnawing presence is felt, and they hear a bestial scream echo through their thoughts.

After a brief discussion, Orum teleports everyone (including Seth) back to Eastport.



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