New Salhaven

Learning more about the past

And we're out of the castle

A month goes by, with the castle being cleared by the townsfolk and adventuring party. Sir Lind thinks that the place would be good shelter in the winter in addition to Eastport.

Jon gets an announcement from Christine, he’s going to be a father. He begins spending a lot more time on his grove and with Christine as well.

Kilvin and Mizdar start working on the books that were found, and end up translating a children’s book filled with faerie tales that are very similar, but slightly off of the ones they grew up with. Armed with this, they begin translating the other books.

Another month goes by. It is now August.

They end up finding out that in the old kingdom of Calen, which this area was once known, there were three fortresses. Calen Dar, the present “Wasp’s Watch” and former center of industry, Calen Primus, the center of government and trade, and Calen Dal, the city of magic.

Kilvin asked Jon to make a scouting mission out East in the direction of Calen Dar. He found it, and described that it appeared as though someone had taken a walled city of towers, scooped it out of the ground, and set it back down sideways. He noted that it appeared that there was a large black ring around the sideways city with firestorms, clouds, and lights randomly moving around.

Some discussion was made as to whether the group should go north to Calen Prime, or East to Calen Dar. Calen Dar was chosen, and after some reluctance, Seth Carlan was recruited.

One day out, the party ran into that “giant snake” that they had earlier saw tracks of, which was a 15 foot long Grick. After dispatching it, and having their hopes of Grick leather quashed by the fact that the blood, guts, and skin of the grick smell rancid enough to cause vomiting, they treed the remains and continued on.

Marek noted a copse of trees growing in an unnatural manner, and upon further investigation the group found a very recent natural fortress created by elves who were exploring the new land.

Guarding the fortress is an awakened assasin vine named La’hra Deshalan (The Silent Creeper.) Kilvin was able to speak in elven to it, and after learning that the elves were all killed about 5 years ago, the group found the personal journal of Beluriand.

The journal details the coming of the elves about 5 years ago, their exploration to Calen Primus, what they found, and what found them. The gricks that inhabit Calen Primus were not what killed off the elves… some other abberations did…



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