Abram Rocha

Abram Rocha

A veteran of many wars, he’s well past retirement, but is too stubborn to give up. He’s highly skilled in combat, which is why people put up with his cantankerous personality.

High Concept: Battle-Hardened Fighter
Trouble: Grumpy Old Man
Aspect: Master of the Armory
Aspect: Because I said so
Aspect: A soft spot for animals

Constitution +3 Strength +2 Dexterity +2
Intelligence +1 Wisdom +1 Charisma +0

Born in Armor: Gain two free additional tags on armor per session
Killing stroke: Once per scene, when you force a consequence, spend a fate point to increase the consequence’s severity by one step.
Swordsman: +2 to attack rolls when using a longsword

Physical Stress: 4 Mental Stress: 3

Heavy Armor, Longsword, Shield

Game examples:

The lumbering ogre swings a club at Abram, rolling exceptionally well for 7. Abram’s roll is a 2, he has a Dexterity of 2. He uses a free tag of his Heavy Armor for an additonal 2, and ends up taking 1 point of stress.

Abram lets out a yell and thrusts his longsword at the Ogre, rolling 2 adding his Strength of 2 and his Swordsman bonus of 2, for a total of 6. The Ogre is dumbfounded by the display of ferocity and fails to dodge, getting a 4 in total. Since the longsword is a Martial weapon, (which adds 1) this brings the total stress done to 3, enough to force a mild consequence. Abram’s instincts kick in and he twists the blade as he pulls it out (and spends a fate point) shifting that mild consequence up to a moderate one, called Bleeding Gash.

Abram Rocha

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