Characters in New Salhaven

As Salhaven is a human land, it would be exceedingly rare to see a non-human on the ship over to the new land. Additionally, the other races avoid Salhaven due to the mild discomfort of living in a low magic area, so they wouldn’t have even known about the ships that are leaving.

The elven empire is far to the north. Naturally magical, they are exclusive to the point of near Xenophobia, though their language isn’t unknown outside their borders. Dwarves are almost entirely underground, and certainly don’t care about a country that exists because of a port of trade. Gnomes, possessing the second most inherit magic, avoid Salhaven like a plagued land, while halflings are happy to live quiet lives on the eastern shores of Daeldus.


While Fate doesn’t have “classes,” I would like to keep a theme of the core or expanded classes in 3.5 D&D. One of your aspects, perhaps your high concept should include a class name of some sort, such as:

Battle hardened fighter

The bard who composes epic tales

Wizard of the four elements

Druid of the tall oaks


Another aspect that is important is to think of what your character’s “day job” might have been. Not all of your time is going to be spent fighting or talking, after all. Since Fate doesn’t have the expansive skill list of D&D, one of your aspects can include a “set” of skills that would have been used in it:

Master of the armory (Craft: Weapons, Craft: Armor, Appraise)

Carnival Performer (Acrobatics, Bluff, Disguise, Perform, Handle Animal, Slight of Hand)

Member of the College Arcane (Knowledge: Arcana, Spellcraft, Alchemy, Knowledge: History)

Knows his way around a forest (Survival, Knowledge: Geography, Knowledge: Nature, Stealth)

Examples of Characters

I’m going to lay out the above characters in Fate, and also some examples of how to use them in game.

Abram Rocha

Ellis Roberts

Luther Wells

John Gault


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