Luther Wells

Luther Wells

More at home in a library or lecturing to students, Luther has focused himself on magic of the four elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Though his combat experience is minor, he certainly knows how to apply the raw power he possesses.

High Concept: Wizard of the four elements
Trouble: Droning know-it-all
Aspect: Member of the College Arcane
Aspect: Why yes, I’ve heard of that
Aspect: There is no problem that can’t be overcome with sufficient fire

Constitution +1 Strength +0 Dexterity +2
Intelligence +2 Wisdom +1 Charisma +3

Elementalist Spells:

Burning Hands (Evocation, Cost): Flames leap from your hands, engulfing your targets. When you cast, choose one option: 1. Target one or two creatures in your zone. 2. Target all creatures except you in your zone—including allies and bystanders. In either case, make one attack roll, each target defends individually. Attack action, caster’s Charisma vs. target’s Dexterity, attack does physical stress.
Wall of Wind (Nature, Cost, Persistent): You can create a nearly solid wall of pure wind between two adjacent zones to protect you and your allies. The wall blocks most missile weapons, like arrows, bolts, gunfire, or sling stones, though very large missiles (swivel guns, cannonfire, etc.) or magical projectiles might still be able to make it through. In addition, anyone who tries to pass through the wind wall must overcome a Fair (+2) obstacle as an action to do so, unless you choose to let them through.
Call Mist (Transmutation, Nature, Trickster, Cost): You fill the zone you’re currently in with fog, applying the situation aspect Thick Fog to the zone. (Also, the temperature in the zone chills noticeably!) You & your allies gain two free invocations on the aspect.

Practiced Spellcaster:
Scorching Ray (Evocation, Cost, Requires Burning Hands or Magic Missile): Cast a beam of blazing flame at a target you can see in your zone or an adjacent zone. Attack action, caster’s Charisma +2 vs. target’s Dexterity, attack does physical stress.
Alter Surface (Transmutation, Cost, Persistent): You change the surface of a solid object in your zone (such as the ground, a sword handle, etc.), applying a new aspect that you or your allies gain two free invocations on. Choose one of the following: Slippery Footing, Razor Sharp Corners, Weakened By Dry Rot, or invent your own. You can’t apply this to objects being worn by an unwilling creature (such as armor).
Stone Shape (Transmutation, Cost, Persistent, Requires Alter Surface and two other transmutation spells): You can alter the shape of a substantial quantity of stone, brick, or similar inorganic substance in your zone. You can do things like raise a small wall, weaken masonry, or bridge a narrow gap. You apply a situation aspect (with two free invocations) such as: Handholds/ footholds, Convenient Cover, Weak Point.

Firecaster: +2 to attack rolls with spells that are fire based.

Physical Stress: 3 Mental Stress: 3

Staff adorned with a red glass crystal, Spellbook, Notebook

Game Examples:
After a hasty retreat behind a convenient tree, Luther targets his pursuer with a Scorching Ray. He spends his last fate point to cast, Rolls a 2, adds his charisma of 3, then 2 from the spell, and finally 2 from Firecaster for a total of 9. The bandit attempts to dodge, but chooses poorly and bobs when he should have weaved for a 1. This is an 8 shift hit, success with style. Luther chooses to conserve the arcane energy in the form of a boost (reducing the hit by 1,) because he has a strong feeling that 7 damage is enough to finish off the bandit.

While exploring a cave, the group comes up to an underground pit, the edges of the pit are very smooth stone, and climbing down would be extremely difficult. Since he is not in a rush, he takes a moment to focus his mind, (using intelligence to create the advantage: Arcane Focus) and casts Stone shape using that advantage. Handholds and footholds appear as far as the eye can see, but that certainly isn’t the bottom of the pit. Luther reaches into his backpack and pulls out a torch. Using such a minor amount of power to light the torch with fire doesn’t require any energy, and the torch lights up. He drops it down the pit, intending on seeing the bottom.

And that’s when he notices the sharp teeth of the monster using his convenient hand and footholds to climb up the cliff towards him…. Oops.

Luther Wells

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