Salhaven, the old world.


Set on the southern end of the Daledus continent, it is situated in a low magic area. Out to the edges of the provinces, and even into the neighboring countries, magic requiring a fate point (or equivalent) to cast does not work. Casting a simple spell that normally requires no cost requires a fate point to cast. Nobility has found a way around this, using a set of crystals that will allow them to cast those spells, however, very few get the privilege of such an expensive and highly regulated item. Any casters at all must be registered with the officials, and even then use of magic in public is a taboo, as magistrates are quick to judge harshly upon those who are not in direct service of the king.


Salhaven is made up of 5 provinces:

Billdocks, named after King Marc Billdocks V, is the capital province. By far, it is the richest, made up of mostly nobles and wealthy merchants. Common folk are rarely ever allowed into the province. The king and his court are full of greed and excess. The kingdom’s treasury is used to bring in all types of exotic food and drink and treasure just to try to keep the royalty sated.

Hilgenberg borders Piasecki, the western kingdom. Piasecki’s ruler is nearly as ruthless as Billdocks and has good ties with Salhaven due to Salhaven’s Eastport province’s trade influences. Hilgenberg is also known as the forest province. Of any place, Hilgenberg has the most dissent, being close to Piasecki, and having plenty of woodland for “highway bandits” to practice their trade.

Patun, the southern province is by far the poorest. Frequent drought, disease, overcrowding, and overtaxation have lead this place to be the armpit of the kingdom. Unrest has been occuring in the area, as people are sick of living in these conditions, however, due to the peasant’s state of health, very little headway has been made.

Verlotta, to the north, is in a low level conflict with the Vic’Chuc tribe of orcs. Low military funds have meant that while a final victory could be accomplished with a large force, such a force has yet to appear. Peace could also be obtained, but the Billdocks legacy has never considered peace as an option.

Eastport is the second richest province. Eastport itself is the center of trade for the continental region, with many ships coming in and out of the area. Taxes and tarrifs run high, however jobs are available for the strong and tough. Fishing has kept this place from starving, however a constant influx of Patunites is starting to push the limits of Eastport’s capacity.

Salhaven, the old world.

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